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Felix Greving, Quality & Safety Coordinator, Fundashon Mariadal:
The unambiguous design ensures that every employee, irrespective of knowledge level, can learn to navigate the software. Applications are made to fit the organisation and are easy to embed in day-to-day care protocols and business processes.
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Lisa Ruston, Director Risk, Patient Relations and Medical Affairs, Peterborough Regional Health Centre:
PRHC is committed to improving patient safety, and we have been using TPSC software as our risk management system for more than 5 years. We chose TPSC due to the flexibility of the solution, fast response times, and excellent support. It is a pleasure working with their team.
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Ms. Obaida Qatuni, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery:
With the time saved we can free our hands and minds for further growth and focus on what else we can do to maximize Quality & Safety.
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Lee Johnson, Director Operativo, Options for Care Ltd:
I would have no hesitation in recommending the incident reporting, and more importantly, incident analysis application provided by The Patient Safety Company.
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Marilyn Quinn, President, NBCCSA & NBANH:
The New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) welcomes the addition of an electronic safety program as another important step in the continuing efforts to improve worker and resident safety.
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Kathy Romas Jaeger - Senior Manager Quality, Compliance and Risk Officer, Central East Community Care Access Center:
The recommendation to align our events to the WHO Risk Taxonomy has provided us with the future ability to analyze and trend data from hospital to community. 
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Michelle McEvoy - Director of Qaulity, Vein Clinics of America:
The support and collaboration with TPSC has been excellent! The implementation of the cloud applications for our Risk Management System are always well managed.
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Melanie Maracle - Gerente de Riesgo Corporativo, Quinte Healthcare:
I have been very happy with the usability and customizability of the software. We have been able to design a reporting system that meets the needs of our organization.
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Josep Davins, Director General Adjunto, Generalitat De Catalunya:
We want to secure a minimum for all, but not slowing down the more progressive centrers.
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Erika del Río, Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe:
There are no problems, and support is always available, despite the time difference between Colombia and the Netherlands.
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Obaida Qatuni - Gerente de Calidad, Burjeel Hospital:
The use of TPSC Cloud™ and the change in culture helped us improve all safety measures within our organization and thereby the quality of care for our patients
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Joanne Aubin - Director Provisional, Calidad y Seguridad del Paciente, Health Sciences North:
TPSC’s Clinical Risk Management System assists us with capturing information on multiple levels. Staff easily report an event and document the information related to the review and analysis. The system is easy to use and provides room for customization, which allowed us to develop the system to our specific needs.
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Denise Paradis - Director Ejecutivo, NBCCSA:
Through our research, TPSC’s Incident Management System has been deemed the best available tool in managing the unique incidents to the healthcare sector and more importantly, easily adaptable to meet the needs of each of our nursing homes. TPSC has proven itself to excel in customer service coupled with detailed technical knowledge.
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