Mental Healthcare

We serve mental health care institutions of various sizes & specialties.

Mental Healthcare

Meet the increasingly stringent legislation and regulations and manage risks

Challenges of the mental healthcare

Mental Health Care institutions face a number of challenges, such as efficiency, transparency and financial constraints. Where quality was formerly a matter of the mental health care institution itself, it has now become part of a complex process of external control and accountability by regulatory and funding parties. Mental health care institutions are continuously tested against increasingly stringent laws and regulations. The institutions must comply with these laws and regulations by using fewer financial resources. In addition, the mental health sector is characterized by a large number of high-risk areas, such as aggression, somatic comorbidity, suicide prevention, medication safety, coercion and compulsion, etc.

Process optimization and managing risks

Process optimization offers the solution for the above challenges. Process optimization results in structural improvements for the mental health care institutions which enable them to meet the increasingly stringent legislation and regulations, with fewer financial resources and whereby risks are manageable and minimized.

TPSC’s Governance, Risk & Compliance software for the mental healthcare

Our Collaborative Governance, Risk & Compliance framework includes a broad range of software solutions, especially developed for mental health care institutions. By using the software a culture of safety is created, whereby improving overall quality and safety for clients and employees has continuous attention. Weaknesses in existing processes are discovered, analyzed and optimized. The functionality of the software solutions is proven among different mental health care institutions of various sizes and within different specialties. 

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Case study

Josep Davins, Director General Adjunto, Generalitat De Catalunya:
We want to secure a minimum for all, but not slowing down the more progressive centrers.
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