Long-term care

Address the quality-of-life as well as the quality-of-care

Long-term care

Living comfortable in a safe environment

Not to register, but to improve!

Who doesn’t want to live independently in a safe environment? But falling seems inevitable sometimes. What to say about handing out wrong medication? 

Our solutions make unsafe situations visible to prevent them in the future. A cross-section of collected data that shows identifiable causes is just one of our promises.

Learning by mistakes

To err is human. But the idea is that you learn from mistakes. Our software provides structure in improving healthcare and will allow you to learn from adverse events, complaints and unsafe situations.

Whether the quality of care is centrally managed or by self-managing teams, we have simple but effective tools to manage your KPI’s. By adding lessons learned you set on of the terms to create a learning organization.

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Case study

Marilyn Quinn, President, NBCCSA & NBANH:
The New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) welcomes the addition of an electronic safety program as another important step in the continuing efforts to improve worker and resident safety.
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