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    Patient safety

    Patient safety in healthcare is critical to your care organization, your staff, and most of all, your patients and their loved ones. Treatment and recovery can only be optimal if patient safety is provided for.

    No matter how crucial, however, our practical experience teaches us that the central question ‘what is patient safety in healthcare’ rarely receives the attention it deserves.

    What is patient safety in healthcare?

    Since safe, quality care is at the core of our enterprise, we know full-well in healthcare what patient safety is referring to. Our experience with best and worst practices has shown us just what is patient safety in healthcare, as well as what to avoid.

    We have learned first-hand how patient safety is always a shared responsibility. Moreover, we have discovered how accessible and transparent incident reporting and incident management can help improve patient safety and quality of care simultaneously.

    The key to understanding patient safety in healthcare institutions is giving all clients and personnel the means to identify risk factors, as well as the tools to eliminate them and to prevent them from occurring in the future.

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    Patient safety in different healthcare settings

    Identifying and eliminating patient safety risks varies across different sectors of the healthcare field. Methods and care philosophies differ along with the goals of recovery, treatment, and prevention different care institutions pursue. Some of these differences are common sense, whereas others call for in-depth knowledge of the sector, pathology, and patient groups concerned.

    Patient safety in nursing

    Patient safety in healthcare facilities specializing in nursing care for the elderly tends to emphasise mobility risks, falling hazards, and psychosocial wellbeing. Such risks are generally identified by observing and anticipating risky client behaviour and implementing readily accessible means to report and tackle such hazards preventively.

    Patient safety in nursing as a general healthcare discipline has other primary concerns. Here, the focus tends to be on hygiene, administering medication, and safeguarding privacy while working with sensitive patient data.

    Of course, all nursing care organizations are uniquely equipped to fulfil their own respective goals in the care they provide. This stresses the importance of adopting flexible solutions that can match any particular healthcare patient safety situation on the ground. Examples include equipping nursing care beds with individual sensors to notify staff straight away in case falling hazards before they become incidents. Shared use of mobile apps to check and double-check correct medicine distribution is another way to improve patient safety in nursing with maximum efficiency.

    Patient safety in mental healthcare

    The various disciplines of mental healthcare each pose unique challenges when patient safety is concerned, yet they are united by a common need to be aware of current client conditions, medication status, client interactions, and therapeutic progress.

    These are all parameters that can be readily integrated in online patient safety monitoring solutions. We have extensive experience in implementing such platforms, which not only help improve patient safety, but moreover promote sharing of information and facilitate risk management, incident reporting, and quality management across all organizational levels.

    Patient safety in hospitals

    Maximising patient safety in hospital settings is both exceptionally challenging and especially rewarding if done correctly. The various disciplines and multiple forms of specialist care that intersect in large facilities often make patient safety in hospitals an interrelated patchwork of individual safety concerns.

    Here, of course, important general aspects of patient safety in healthcare settings across the field converge. Hygiene, medicine discipline, and information management are just as crucial for patient safety in hospitals as they are elsewhere. These large-scale multidisciplinary healthcare hubs simply concentrate most if not all types of care on a single location, calling for even smoother intuitive patient safety measures to minimize risks, optimise care, and maximise incident and quality management.

    That makes safeguarding patient safety in hospitals a complex affair, for which smart, integrated, and field-tested software solutions are a key ingredient. Making sure that staff from all departments, wards, and disciplines work together towards shared patient safety targets is paramount. This calls for accessibility, transparency, and ease of use.

    No hospital manager wants to see valuable patient care time wasted on filling out cumbersome forms that end up at the bottom of some stack on an administrator’s desk. All the more reason, then, to provide smart, fast, agile software that anyone can instantly access from any part of the organization.

    Just Culture: dealing with errors in medical care
    Just Culture: dealing with errors in medical care

    “The core of Just Culture is that you do not judge people on the basis of the outcome, but on the basis of their behavior prior to that outcome”.

    Every mistake is an opportunity to improve care
    Every mistake is an opportunity to improve care

    “To improve healthcare, a systematic analysis of incidents is important. There are two approaches to this; the systems approach and the person approach”.

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    Software for patient safety

    Modern-day professionals can no longer do without adequate patient safety software for healthcare settings. The pace of work is simply too fast, and today’s patients demand quality care and results that do not permit partial, outdated, or ineffective patient safety solutions.

    We are keenly aware of how the field has changed, and keeps on changing every day. We have seen how the heartfelt passion that drives healthcare professionals can make itself felt most when patient safety software for healthcare matches the reality by the client’s bedside, in the operating theatre, in the laboratory, and in the boardroom. That is why The Patient Safety Company constantly improves and optimises digital patient safety platforms to integrate the needs of all the various parties involved in providing the best quality care your patients and staff deserve.

    Risk management software

    Adequate risk management sets the basic preconditions for warranting patient safety in healthcare environments. Digital risk management must be closely tied to the observations and developments that shape the future of your organization. For risk management to maximize patient safety on all fronts, every user must share both a belief in the usefulness of risk management strategy and in the effectiveness of the digital tools in place to secure it.

    Our risk management solutions are purposely designed to keep your teams working together, promoting a culture of transparency that is your only guarantee for honest, open sharing of observations and experiences vital to keeping patient safety up to date.

    Quality management software

    Of course, you share your staff and clients’ interest in providing the best possible level of care. This shared interest underscores the importance of dedicated quality management healthcare software. Quality management requires close monitoring and fast, effective processing of vast information flows from all parts of your organization. Digital solutions are the only way to keep these flows organized and ready for use in ongoing anticipatory QMS policy that keeps the quality of your care moving forward.

    Incident management software

    Lastly, but perhaps most important of all, patient safety in healthcare relies on open, honest, real-time incident management, reporting, and prevention. Everyone naturally aims to avoid incidents, yet any incident, near-incident, or avoided incident is a valuable opportunity to further minimize risks and improve future quality of care.

    This is why we promote and facilitate transparent sharing without undue fear of reprisals, which we deliver through our intuitive incident management software applications. Whether you are an incident management healthcare executive or a nurse reporting an incident or hazardous situation, everyone stands to benefit if everyone is able to use the common expertise and observations of all staff, patients, and other parties involved.

    Overview ready-made applications:
    We have various ready-made applications for the management of your patient safety. You can quickly start using these applications and adapt them to the specific situation in your organization.

    Your comprehensive patient safety software solution

    We are convinced that high-level patient safety solutions are a crucial pillar of quality healthcare, across all disciplines and for any patient group concerned. This is why we reinvent our incident, risk, and quality management solutions for every new healthcare principal we meet, to design the custom, intuitive, transparent patient safety software packages that your unique organization deserves.  

    Our services are used around the world by many leading care providers, ranging from mental health care institutions to pharmacists, hospitals and civil society organizations. Do you also want to improve patient safety? We will be happy to assist you ! Let us know by using this contact form.


    eBook: How to develop the internal business case

    Is your organization about to make the transition from a paper-based to a digital workplace? Or does the organization already have a digital quality management system to improve patient safety, but wants to replace it? In both cases it is advisable to develop a business case. Download our eBook and use it as guidance for writing your internal business case.

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    Benefits TPSC CloudTM software

    With our software, a complete Patient Safety platform is ready for you.

    Flexible platform

    Access anytime, anywhere, securely managed in the cloud. Flexible and scalable to organize due to the modular structure. With many options to adjust each part to your own needs.

    Easy implementation

    Quick and easy to set up. Due to the user-friendly design, no programming knowledge is required for the implementation. Our consultants are ready to help with your configuration.

    Low cost

    Our software is a cost-efficient solution for patient safety management, because many of the building blocks have already been made for you! Suitable for both small and large organizations.


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